Getting Bigger

The most recent work of 2016 has gotten much bigger and looser.  Stepping aside from the small plein air studies, I’ve come into the studio with a new focus of changing size…this has been very exciting and freeing for me, with the thoughts of bigger color fields and spatial relations.  The excitement of mark making was an added bonus.

Windy Bend, 28x30, Hurley  Estuary at Sundown, 59x42, Hurley, MM

Mostly Marsh, 6×8, color sketch


By visually interpreting from real life, whether it be outdoors or a still life, it becomes very easy to create through memory of compositions and color. Sometimes on a rainy day, I venture through the world of make believe and mix it with color and see what I can come out with…I love these days, they can be so fun!!

Beach Closed

Beach Closed, 8x10,oilRecently with all the wind and rainfall in the area, the chances of painting outdoors is few and far between.  In the studio, I found this older painting and revised it a bit…still debating if I should add something else.  There’s always something quiet and very appealing about a stormy day and lack of people in popular sunny day places.

Beachrose Shore

Beachrose Shore,8x10,oilThis was a painting done in my Tuesday night class down at Second Beach in Newport.  The late afternoon at “Surfer’s End” is always pleasurable  with the temperature cooling and the beachgoers packing up and a sense of unwind to the day.

Bayside Beach

IMG_1923This painting was done Sunday, June 2nd down at Rock Harbor in Orleans on Cape Cod.  It was a quick painting, feeling the sun on my back and morning coffee beside me, the morning was glorious.  A change of weather for the day was predicted from the heat of the days before, the break in temperature was a welcomed one for me.