Tips from Trish

There’s still a couple of months left of this indoor weather for us New Englanders. It’s a great time for gathering inspiration, go elsewhere and no, not on vacation. We are lucky to live in a wonderful community with so many close things to do near us.

I am supposed to write about painting tips, my tip is: don’t paint—GO LOOK!!

As artists, we are to observe…so, put down the paintbrush and go observe. Stop looking at that still life that you’ve been working on forever. That can only go so far. Go open your eyes to the world beyond and what others have done or are doing. We are very fortunate to live where we do. Close by (New Bedford, Providence, Newport) are little galleries by local artists as well as some very inspiring museums.

Rhode Island School of Design’s museum is really a great little museum offering quite a bit of eye candy, from the present time to way back. It always has such a nice variety of different styles of different mediums from different periods. It’s truly an artistic goldmine!

The Newport Art Museum is just the same, a small gem for visual arts. They have a wonderful permanent collection encased in the Griswold House and across the way is the Annual Member’s Show. This year, the member’s show is all inclusive as opposed to years past where it has been a juried entry. You get to see the range of amazing to not so from all over the small state of Rhode Island and bordering states.

Given more time in the day, you could take a trip up to Boston/Cambridge and go to the MFA and/or the galleries of Newbury Street/South End…maybe there is an open studio going on over the weekend up in the Boston communities. Of course if you could afford a couple of days, a New York trip is always the best!!

The point is, go out, LOOK. Look like you’ve never seen before. Get inspired!! It’s important we see what else is out there, good and bad art. It’s important for your enlightenment and inspiration.

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