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By the shore

 These 2 paintings were done Friday morning, May 31.  The weather was in the 90′s in the rest of RI but temperature dropped 15 degrees at Beavertail Light in Jamestown, RI. The first is a distant view, looking back along the coast with Newport, RI in the hazy distance.  It was the demo painting for the students [...]

Knee-High in grass

Knee-high in grass was done last night…started with a demo for the class and then the cows came, couldn’t help myself to quickly get this sketch in, it’s a 8×8.  Cows are such beautiful creatures with the bone structure and gravity, I can’t help but always want to paint them!!

At the Bend in the Road

This painting started as a demo, at one of the best places in the world, Sweetberry Farm over in Middletown.  It was the first day outside for the Tuesdaymorning class so I had us all do the same composition- talking about starting with a simple composition and just enjoying the color mixing that creates space. 

Mooooving Along

Well, Sunday morning was a great day for painting Cows.  The girls were gathered the whole time as we quickly tried to capture their beautiful bulkiness.  They seemed to enjoy our company as they didn’t venture far from us.   As the weather started to turn and get colder and clouds were coming in, they decided to [...]

Plein-air season is here!!

Plein air season is upon us now I went out painting as the buds were just coming out on the trees.  There was a hint of color appearing other than the muted greys of the winter season.  I went to my favorite spot over in Jamestown, in search of some cows to paint but the girls [...]